Thiết kế website : Xpatmart

Thiết kế website : Xpatmart

Thiết kế website : Xpatmart

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Who are we?

We are a group of young and dynamic professionals with a great amount of experience in procurement and services sector. We analyze and cater for daily groceries needs of foreigners and tourists to provide what is best for them. As residents of Vietnam, we are the best to know about price of commodities and being a team of professional marketers, we are able to bargain for lowest prices.

Our Vision

In the Vietnamese culture, the locals will normally make their way to the markets to buy the fresh food for the day each morning. So they will buy enough food to prepare for lunch and dinner each day to ensure that what they are eating is still fresh. We understand that you will not have that luxury or time to shop everyday of the week for fresh food, so our staff will happily do the fresh food shopping for you! You pick your groceries online from our product list the night before, we will deliver the next day or at a convenient time that suits you 7 days a week.

While making your purchases on the streets of Vietnam can be a rich experience to you, we also understand that foreigners can be fooled by dishonest dwellers and this tends to bring a negative image of our cultural heritage. We, at, will cater for your daily needs and bring right to your door the very best of what the Vietnamese market has to offer at a competitive price or you will have your money back.

Our Mission statement

Our main aim, as a procurement service provider, is to create this healthy atmosphere between you as a client and us. We seek to provide what is best for you and ensure that your purchases are safe and always fresh. Our staffs are constantly at your disposal to support and advise you about your purchases.

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